100$/ MONTH 

2 month commitment 

  • Determine the desired vision of the company and understand the organizational demands required for the achievement.

  • Validate your hypotheses and obtain information on the target market.

  • Gather the required information to build a minimum viable product (MVP).


350$/ MONTH 

3 month commitment 

  • Test your concept with potential customers and optimize your product to arrive at a beta.

  • Attract customers by developing a marketing strategy and an efficient sales and distribution process.

  • Use customer feedback to improve your product and identify the first customer niche.

  • Develop your business model.


500$/ MONTH 

7 month commitment 

  • Transform your concept into the first beta version of your product by targeting the rapid growth of your business.

  • Create tools to measure the success of your business.

  • Refine your business model to maximize the product's impact on your target customers.

  • Build a strong team that will help grow the business.


1000$/ MOIs

engagement de 6 mois

  • Launch your product to scale with a customer support system in place to build relationships.

  • Build the brand experience and drive positive customer engagement to increase sales and revenue.

  • Have a measurable framework in place to assess growth. Develop a management team to grow your business and attract investment