50$    / hour  

175$  / HALF DAY  

300$/ day 

The Videotron room is a meeting room that can accommodate 12 people. It is ideal for team meetings and interviews. Two televisions are available for visual presentations.


90$    / HOUR  

270$  / half day 

450$ / DAY  

The Desjardins room is ideal for conferences, training, workshops or group activities. The Desjardins room can accommodate a maximum of 50 people. Television and presentation material are available. 

Glass suite

20$    / HOUR  

60$   / half day 

100$ / DAY  

The glass suite is a private office that can accommodate two people. Ideal for interviews, it has a television for professional presentations. 


50$    / HOUR  

200$ / half day 

380$/ DAY  

The École des entrepreneurs classroom that can accommodate 20 peoples is Idéal for training, it has a television for professional presentations. Access to the kitchen and its amenities. *Certain conditions apply.